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    FLVPlayback Buffering Issue?


      I've always seen the FLVPlayback pause the video before buffering and then resume playback once the buffering criteria has been met. I was given a test video where at the beginning of playback, the player toggles between the following video states:


      State: loading
      State: loading
      State: buffering
      State: stopped
      State: buffering
      State: playing
      State: buffering


      It sets the final state to buffering, even when the video is actually playing! When the video state is buffering, I display a looping animation in our player. For this particular case, the animation is showing on top of a playing video, which is not good. Our player also incorrectly responds to external API calls that it is in a buffering state when it's clearly playing a video, even when that video has downloaded copletely.


      Is this an issue or is my understanding of the flvplayback component off? Either way, I need to find a workaround to this issue, but I'd like to know if there is a proper alternative. The event driven approach was really nice up until this point.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          an flv can and should buffer while playing.  you shouldn't display your buffering animation unless the flv is stopped and buffering.

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            TheNuttyNut Level 1

            Understandable, however I still think it's bezarre that a video state can remain in a "buffering" state and never change back to "playing", which it really is. To me, when a video state changes to buffering it means that the video needs to be paused to allow time for the network catch up. The FLVPlayback component does do this for almost all scenarios. However in this one instance at the beginning of playback, the swapping between states and finally ending in a buffering state indefinately is problematic. I figure there was an edge case scenario from within the control that allowed this to leak through.


            I can write extra code to check the buffering state against the playback status of the video. I suppose, given the nature of buffering, that it should be separated from video events and left as its own entity. Such that a video can be paused or playing, yet the buffer may be empty (at which point the video has to pause), full, or at a point that's safe for playback.

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              my understanding of buffering was different than yours.  but upon searching for a definition, i found your understanding is correct:


              "In streaming media, buffering refers to bringing in an extra amount of data (filling the buffer) before playing the audio or video."