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    Src/Win/WinFile.cpp-754” error


      I’m using PPRO in Production Premium CS4.


      I’m getting the “Src/Win/WinFile.cpp-754” error” when I AME starts or shortly after it starts. System worked fine since I installed the CS4 upgrade 4 months ago but today a project is due and this happens.


      My system: Dell Precision 690, 3Ghz Xeon processor, 4 GB ram, Internal HDs (1) 300 and (1) 400 GB, External HDs (2) 1 TB.


      I’ve read and searched the forums and now I’m frustrated and in need of some help. Has anyone found definitive solution to this “Src/Win/WinFile.cpp-754” problem?




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          I searched the internet with that error mssg and it seems a lot of them have to do with video card drivers. There was some information about matrox drivers and that problem on the internet...


          Also some 'Axio' card driver problems related to that error message...


          Have you recently updated your video card drivers ?



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            1steelephoto Level 1

            Update: I had to start the project over; I stopped and exported at various spots as I went along. All went well until after importing a particular clip. It seems that corrupt audio on this one clip was the source of my problem. Camera Panasonic DVCPRO/HD.