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    CS3...Exporting 24F HDV to DVD


      Hi, I have a question regarding the exporting of HDV footage to DVD from Premiere Pro CS3.


      I have Adobe Encore installed, and prior to using HDV, I would export my timeline from Premiere to Encore, and get a .m2v file and audio file.  I had everything all set up, where I exported the timeline in NTSC Widescreen high quality.  All of that was a result of a lot of help from this forum a year ago, which told me exactly the proper settings to use (bitrate, frames, etc).


      But now, since I'm using HDV 24F footage captured from a Canon XH-A1, on a 24F project timeline, I am lost on what to do for exporting to encore.


      There are several Blu Ray options, but I do not know which one would be best, and even if that file would still burn to a normal DVD.


      Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


      - Ken

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          First of all, the XH-A1 records in a 60i wrapper, so you project/sequence should reflect that. Using the 24F preset likely takes care of that.


          For DVD to need to export to MPEG2-DVD. You can't use BR options on DVD, since it is not allowed.

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            Jfry332155 Level 1

            Could you explain what "60i wrapper" means?  If it's too complex and time consuming, I can look it up.  I'd just rather hear it from someone's own words.


            And for exporting, the format I did for my SD timelines was MPEG2-DVD.  What I need to know is what preset I need in the options,  to get the best quality from the HDV footage.


            I tried the one I would use for the SD (Widescreen NTSC 23.97 High quality), and it looked bad.  I know there are options that don't specify the frame rate in the headline, but when going to the options for frame rate, there is no 24 listed.  So this is the area I need help on to know how to not lose quality.


            Thank you

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Your tape runs at a constant speed when recording, allowing for 60 interlaced frames. Electronics in the camera convert that to simulate 24P alike recordings, but since the tape speed is not altered, the actual recording still happens within those 60 interlaced frames. That is the 60i wrapper I mentioned.


              For the best MPEG2-DVD encoding use this bitrate calculator: http://dvd-hq.info/bitrate_calculator.php

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                Jfry332155 Level 1

                Thank you explaining that, I appreciate it.


                I'm still going to wait to see other responses, so I can have other people's experiences dealing with 24 HDV footage in CS3 and exporting it to Encore without losing quality, or as little as possible.


                The last time I got a step by step instruction from experienced users for the exporting of 23.97 SD footage to encore, and it has worked beautifully ever since.


                Thank you though.

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                  tclark513 Level 3

                  XH-A1 does include the flags to remove the extra frames on capture "true 24p"  So you have 23.976 footage to edit with.

                  On export you can decide which to encode.  Either NTSC (60i) or a true 24p DVD.  True 24p DVD will be converted by the DVD player to make the DVD compliant.

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                    Jfry332155 Level 1

                    Hi, thanks for the response.


                    How do you remove the extra frames on capturing in CS3 to get true 24p?


                    So with the options that seem fitting to what you describe, are the NTSC 23.976P WS HQ, NTSC HQ, and NTSC Progressive HQ.


                    I'm confused which one to use.  I tried the NTSC 23.976P WS HQ and the quality definitely decreased.



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                      tclark513 Level 3

                      Capture into a 24p preset and you shouldn't have to remove the frames.


                      Down converting is going to lose quality.  There are different ways to do it.  Search on HD to SD DVD and you will find loads of information.