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    Acrobat 9 Reader and Pro extremely slow when loading.


      Machine: Dell Precision T3500 with an Quad Core Intel® Xeon® W3540 2.93GHz, 8M L3, 4.8GT/s Turbo processor with Windows XP Pro 32-bit and 4GB RAM NECC 1066Mhz installed.


      When installing, uninstalling, restarting, reinstalling Acrobat 9 Reader and Pro, or Acrobat 9.2 Reader and Pro, and upon opening a PDF double-clicked on opens Acrobat as expected but it would take an incredibly long time to open the PDF. Opening the application and then going to File, Open also recreates the effect. When the PDF opens, you can see vector drawings appear line by line as if running on a really old machine like a Pentium II and having the computer pause like as if it has frozen up until after waiting a minute or two. During that time, Windows XP is unresponsive until after waiting for the PDF file to load. Diffferent varieties of PDF with simple one-page text to complex PDF's with scanned, vector and hundreds of pages of text has both recreated the frozen in time effect. And when scrolling to different pages within a PDF, the scrolling is choppy, jerky, and at times, pauses to have drawings to appear.


      In the past, applications behaving erratically in this fashion was traced down to the software incompatible with HyperThreading and multiple processors. Does anyone know if this might be the case with Xeon processor listed above or similar hardware? Has anyone else experience this? Information about a possible issue mentioned above after searching produced no hits both at Adobe or out there.


      Thanks in advance.

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Adobe only supports one or the other program on the computer. What happens if you have only one of the programs installed? Personally, I've found slow launching is usually due to virus and/or spyware checkers. See what happens if you disable them. If that is the problem, try another company's malware offering.

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            lausd_beaudry Level 1

            Thanks for your input.


            Installing only one or the other (Reader vs Pro and either 9 or 9.2) produced no improvement and the same delay.


            Disabling malware applications and then uninstalling them one at a time also produced no improvement.


            Disabling the HyperThreading feature within the BIOS/CMOS did not help.


            The only workaround so far is to launch Adobe Reader or Pro first, go into Task Manager and then "Set Affinity..." and have only one check mark on any CPU from CPU 0 through CPU 7. Then either drag the PDF into the Adobe Reader or Pro, or go to File and then Open to load the PDF. This process was the only way so far to "normally" open and immediately view and scroll the PDF regardless of complexity without delays or freezes.


            Has anyone else been able to reproduce the problem and test the workaround on similar hardware?


            Thanks in advance.