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    Video with Custom Pause & Play

      Hi, I would like to control a video file with my own buttons.

      Here is what I have: an imported video file using "Progressive download from a web server". The main stage has some buttons (Play & Pause) within a movie clip with an instance name of: "MusicControls". The Video is located in another movie clip on the main stage with an instance name of: "EQUO".

      I'm very new to action script and have no idea where to begin, to connect the buttons and video. The video starts to play automatically, and you should see the pause button (which is on frame 2 in the "MusicControls" movie clip. When clicked, I'd like it to pause the movie. When that happens the Play button should appear (which is on frame 1 of the "MusicControls" movie clip, and I'd like it to resume the video.

      Is there anyone who could help me achieve this? An action script example would be fantastic. Thank you so much!!