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    blur matte

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      I'm using premiere pro cs3. I'm trying to simulate a long lens out of focus " look " on a part of clip...  and using the tools and method as described in the tutorial "smooth skin matte tutorial" .  It looks like only the area inside the tv safety area is getting the effect I would like....


      I have 3 video clips in the project, that are all 720x480


      This is a little weird, as I'm using a 450x336 project with 720x480 clips, scaling down the video "master" to 450x336 roughly, to fit the frame...and then using the other clips ( " coverage "....not master ) as unscaled down medium shots and close ups...panning them and zooming, to simulate more coverage and so on...


      I am experimenting with putting a matte on a larger size clip (not scaled down) to simulate a long lens out of focus blur in the background.


      I've done this several ways already, with same results, which is the matte only seems to work within the tv saftety area ...and I get blur above the person I want to be in focus (clear ).  Here's is a couple screenshots to illustrate problem...


      blur matte-timeline.jpg


      blurr matte preview.jpg


      I like the blur to the right, which is what I'm aiming for, but the blur above her head is not good...


      I've done the matte in psd like this:  720x480 pure white on left side of frame, black on other.  I use track matte in the clip copy, and "reverse" and gaussian blur on both copy of clip and matte, as expressed in the tutorial "smooth skin tutorial"...  Any ideas how to get it to stop blurring over the top ?  It seems to coincide with the safety area on the monitor  ???