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    Exporting CYMK Black as Rich Black


      I continue to struggle with getting CYMK Black as rich black.  I have Illustrator CS4.....


      Settings that seem relevant follow:


      The Document Color Mode is set to CYMK

      The Appearance of Black is set to both display and export as Rich Black


      When I do an export to JPG or Print to Adobe PDF driver, the black come out as dark gray


      The object color appear correct 0,0,0,100


      The black displays as rich black when I am working on it in illustrator


      What am I missing here..... The way I work around it to send a proof to a customer is change the doc color mode to RGB.....but that really only is suitable for all black art......and it's seems to be a cludgy work around.


      I guess the question is why isn't illustrator CS4 outputing rich black when I set ouput as rich black for export?


      I have read other posts here on the subject but they seem to be work arounds as well.


      Is there something I am missing here fundementally??  Perhaps another setting I am unaware of?