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    SerialElement transitions?


      I am looking for a way to impliment a transition effect between each element.  Has anyone attempted this?  I believe it would require loading one element over the other with some kind of mask effect applied to the top element prior to its removal from the display list.


      It appears as though my best chance of pulling this off would be to NOT use SerialElement, since overlaping the display and applying a mask seems impossible, rather using MediaElement for each element and apply my mask accordingly as I add and remove them.


      I thought I had read a post somewhere about transitions being in the works? Any way, any incite on how to pull this off would be helpfull.

      I should also mention that I need to be able to seek backwards and forwards between elements.


      Thank you


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          Vijay Ghaskadvi

          Hi Greg,


          One way to implement transitions would be to write a proxy plugin for SerialElements - a TransitionEnabledSerialProxyElement, and implementing your transitions there. We have not tried this approach on our end, and we'd be very curious to see if you encounter any hurdles. Please let me know if this is helpful, and if you run into any problems!



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