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    Export problem when using a lot of large medias in a premiere project.

    MSanchez StingrayDigital

      Hi !


      My premiere/media encoder have a weird comportment when I use a lot of large media in the same project :

      - has I import more media (avi uncompress out from aftereffect) in my project, my exports are getting slower and slower (lag before the progress bar start moving)

      - the files I export are getting bigger and bigger !

      - when I reach about 20 gigs of total medias size, I'm totally unable to export with media encoder (the software freeze after I launch the queue) and have to open the project in after effect to do the export (with the same weird lag before the progress bar start).


      I have to precise that I'm aware that longer montages are heavier once exported.

      I'm speaking of exporting 30sec montage, same sound, comparable background, colors, image type and camera moves.

      the only difference is that in one of the montage I use 3 footage and in the other 14.

      The weight of the export (FLV in most of my tests, but the same thing happen in mp4, f4v...) is sometime 3X the expected weight.

      Exporting the video uncompressed and then compressing the it with media encoder (FLV birate 700) give the same result (a 10meg file) and a weird lag before the progress bar start moving.

      Exporting the video uncompressed and then compressing the it with sorenson squeeze (FLV bitrate 700) give a good result (a 3meg file).

      I have to use 720p uncompress media for my montage as the video would be use for television, not only internet.

      I tried to export the file with other computer and have the same result.


      I'm working on a PC, intel core2 quad CPU Q6600 2.40Ghz. 12GB of RAM, winvista 64bit,

      graphic card : Nvidia quadro FX 570 256mb


      Thank you.