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    Is Win 7 64-bit causing this?


      I have a new system based on Windows 7 64-bit.  It has 4GB RAM, fast Intel CPU, Intel SSD drive along with large regular hard disk, Nvidia video card.

      The other day I downloaded the trial version of Premiere Elements 8 to see if I could use the Stabilizer effect to fix our HD camcorder videos of our kids.

      Photoshop Elements 8 seems to be working fine (other than the Smart Tags appear even though I thought I shut off Auto Analyzer).


      After trying about 5 times no success.  Each time I open the video file and try to apply the Stabilizer Effect the rendering progress bar at the bottom right of the screen freezes up between 1% and 50%.   I tried the various fixes mentioned on this forum like replacing the 6 DLL files in PrE8.   Also did the thread optimization changes to the Nvidia driver.


      Not sure if I'm doing this right.  I am a total newbie when it comes to PrE8.

      I Open a new project, give it a name, open the media file (about 3 minute long HD camcorder clip), drag it to the timeline.  It starts to render the file at that point but I go ahead and drag the Stabilizer effect thumbnail onto the video clip on the timeline, the rendering progress bar falls back to zero then starts progressing again.  Every single time it locks up eventually before finishing.


      I even tried using various XP compatibility modes on my Windows 7 but that's total disaster.  The rendering progress bar doesn't seem to move at all.


      Is this a Windows 7 64bit incompatibility issue or is it something else?

      I was going to purchase Premiere Elements 8 but won't unless I can make some progress here.  The way it is now, it's totally useless to me.

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          Canada_L Level 1

          I should add that when I double click on the original video file in Premiere Elements 8 the video does pull up and plays correctly

          in the player that PrE8 runs, so it appears not to be a format the PrE8 does not support.  At least not for simple playback.

          The files were from a Canon HD camcorder, model HF10 I believe.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You're problem could be related to issues with Windows 7 64-bit. It's not a matter of compability. Windows will automatically switch to 32-bit compatibility mode. It's the drivers supporting it -- which may not yet be fully compatible with this program.


            I'm not sure what is going on and why the stabilizer isn't working, assuming you've got all of the Windows updates and that you're using the latest version of Quicktime. AVCHD is a very intensive video format to edit, and most people who are able to work with it at all are using quad-core processors with huge loads of RAM. So I'm not sure if this process is just overwhelming your machine or not.


            Are you able to otherwise use the program?

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              Canada_L Level 1

              I didn't get much of a chance to test other parts of Premiere Elements 8.  I know it did lock up rendering the movie clip without any effects at least once.

              At this point, I'll see if Nvidia releases updated drivers within my trial period.  If Nvidia drivers fix it then fine otherwise I'll re-test when there's an update to Premiere Elements.  By the way, I downloaded a competitor's video editor and it worked fine.  Well, their anti-shake effect didn't fix the severe shaking in our video but that was expected, but no crashes doing all the rendering.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                >otherwise I'll re-test when there's an update to Premiere Elements


                PE is rarely updated between version number upgrades... look at Premiere Elements Updates http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=40&platform=Windows

                And, once the time limit on the demo expires, you will not be allowed to install it again

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                  Canada_L Level 1

                  Downloaded the latest beta drivers from Nvidia.  These were mentioned in another post by an Adobe employee stating they would fix many of the issues for Windows 7 64 bit users.


                  The first time I ran Premiere Elements 8 the screen went whitewashed and said PrE8 was not responding.  I closed the program.

                  However, when I ran the program again it worked fine.  It rendered everything without locking up which it never did before.

                  I even ran it a 3rd time on another video file and it rendered all the effects fine again without any lockups.


                  Wonder if Windows 7 automatically kicks in some kind of compatibility mode after the program locked up the first time?


                  I'll try to get around to doing some more testing but meanwhile it seems like the problems I have been having were at least substantially

                  cured by a new Nvidia driver.  Hopefully Nvidia will make some further improvements and make that driver an official release.


                  If you have Windows 7 64bit and are running into issues I suggest you definitely try the latest beta Nvidia driver.


                  Thanks to everyone who posted.