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    external load a StyleSheet within the IPreloaderDisplay via the StyleManager

    Fredvb Level 1



      I've attempted to dynamically load an external stylesheet swf file within my IPreloaderDisplay implementation using the StyleManager.loadStyleDeclerations and have caught an error:


      TypeError: Error #1006: getInstance is not a function.
          at mx.core::Singleton$/getInstance()[E:\dev\flex_201_borneo\sdk\frameworks\mx\core\Singleton .as:49]
          at mx.styles::StyleManager$cinit()
          at global$init()[E:\dev\flex_201_borneo\sdk\frameworks\mx\styles\StyleManager.as:27]


      Is there a way to fix this problem. I would like to load the dynamic stylesheet before the Application initilialise for performance reasons and to eliminate the UI from changing it's look once the application is shown. Is there maybe a way to fix this by making it possible to load the dynamic stylesheet during the IPreloaderDisplay steps.


      Thanks in advance