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    Audio duration/seek (RTMP)


      Is there an update on the lack of duration and seek support for rtmp audio? The ticket is below has seen no activity for a number of months.



      Also, the example payer is currently using a flv for the "streaming audio" example, which incorrectly gives the impression that duration and seeking of streaming audio is working.

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          Vijay Ghaskadvi Level 1

          This feature is related to reading ID3 data for streaming audio files. It's on our roadmap, but probably a few months out. Can you explain a little bit about your setup? Do your audio files have the necessary ID3 tags for duration? Which version of FMS are you using to stream the audio files?




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            cgguy Level 1

            HI Vijay. Thanks for following up on this.


            ID3 tags would be nice, but are not very important for us. I haven't had much sucess with duration from ID3 tags. We currently implement duration/seek using a duration from asset information in the CMS and if that's not available using the FMS getStreamLength call. We use Limelight and Akamai.


            I can likely implement rtmp audio duration with workarounds, but at some point it would be nice if OSMF supported setting a rtmp audio elements length.

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              Vijay Ghaskadvi Level 1

              Thanks for the feedback here. We do have plans to support the FMS getStreamLength call as well. Again, similar to the ID3 support, it is probably a few months out. I'm curious about how you get the duration from the CMS - do you make a separate query? Is there a standard format for the response? Does the protocol vary from CMS to CMS?



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                cgguy Level 1

                Hi Vijay. Thanks for the update. I can see ID3 and getStreamLength not being core features. But my viewpoint is that being able to set the duration of a rtmp audio element without hacking into the framework code is a core feature. Hopefully this will make it in the 1.0.


                As for asset information, I don't think there is any standard, but it may depend on market segment. Some of the platforms may be considered a "standard" in a segment, but you also have encoding services that integrate with anything via middleware. Most of the platforms will support a duration. Maybe someone else can chime in here.