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    Poor Source playback, footage or software issue?


      Hi All -


      I'm using Premiere Pro CS 4, and just getting started learning the ins and outs of the new production equipment purchased by our department. We have a Canon VIXIA HFS100 tapeless format HD camera and now Premiere Pro CS 4. I've worked a little with FCP before, but this is my first to video production with Adobe software.


      I've created a new Project and imported the AVCHD files into the project folder. Here is where my problem arises: during play back, the video playback is strange. There seems to be slight frame-tearing, or pixelization or something (I apologize, I don't have much knowledge for terms, etc). It's just that we shot it at 12Mbps and I assumed it would be great quality.


      Does anyone have any experience with this? I've deduced that it could either be a compression issue (not that I compressed the files or anything), a mishandled codec, or maybe just a function of Premiere to "quick preview" the clips (ie upon export it would be a much better quality).


      Thanks for any help!