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    (How) Can fonts be embedded?


      I'd like to use fonts that aren't typically installed on the end-user's machine.  Can they be embedded, and if so, how?



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          acath Level 4

          Hi Rems,


          When you publish your SWF (File > Publish SWF), enable the "Embed fonts" checkbox.



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            RemsX Level 1

            I must have unchecked it before and forgot about it.  How silly!  Thanks!


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              RemsX Level 1

              Actually, it still doesn't appear to be working.  Although to be fair, I've had font problems on my computer as well.  But it's odd that they display correctly in the application, and in my browser locally, but on another computer w/out the fonts it does not work.  I checked the box to embed them, however I'm not sure it did.  How does this function work?  Is it possible it looks for them in a certain folder and since mine (might) be missing from that folder and are somewhere else it would cause them to work in the app, but not embed?  Does that make sense?

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                RemsX Level 1

                heh, again answered my own question:  fyi though -


                Due to an issue with Mac OS 10.6 TTC font collections the following font  families are excluded from embedding:

                • "American Typewriter"
                • "Baskerville"
                • "Cambria"
                • "Chalkboard"
                • "Cochin"
                • "Copperplate"
                • "Didot"
                • "Futura"
                • "Gill Sans"
                • "Helvetica Neue"
                • "Hoefler Text"
                • "Lucida Grande"
                • "Marker Felt"
                • "Menlo"
                • "Optima"
                • "Papyrus"
                • "Heiti SC"
                • "Heiti TC"
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                  Hi folks,


                  When I run my project on the Mac, it works no problem, all the fonts are correct.


                  But when I publish my project and run it on a Windows machine, I loose a lot of the fonts and styling.

                  I've selected the option to embed fonts. But when I click on the Advanced tab, there are no options available in there to manually add anything.


                  Has any one got any words of wisdom that they can share?


                  Thanking you in advance,