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    Authoring environment has been compromised (drag 'n' drop)

    Tols (UK)

      In the last couple of days Director 11.5 has stopped working properly in the authoring environment. It in turn has stopped me working as I struggle to fix it. Working around it is bad enough on a project that is mostly in place, but creating new apps is impossible.


      eg. I can't drag a cast member onto the stage

      I can't drag a cast member to a different location in the cast

      I can't drag a behaviour onto a sprite, either from the script window or from the cast

      I can't reposition a sprite by drag and dropping to a different position in the score


      What can I still do?

      I can reposition a sprite by drag and dropping to a different position on the stage


      Dragging and dropping is working fine within Windows. eg move a file into a folder with drag and drop


      To try and fix this I have done the following, none of which helped.


      Checked for updates - it redownloaded hotfix1 which I had already installed months ago


      I have deleted the preferences folder and that didn't help. By that folder I mean C:\Users\Tollon\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Director 11 (by the way, I thought this folder was meant to be in Roaming, is that usual? I doubt it is the cause of my curse though)


      I uninstalled and reinstalled Dir11.5


      Any ideas? Thanks