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    Still Image

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      I am putting together a video (Premiere Pro CS4) that compares, side-by-side, footage from two separate sources.  One of them is longer than the other and I would like for a still image of the first to remain onscreen while the remaining vid from the second one continues to play.  How do I do that?


      Thanks in advance


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          I think I know what you want to do...


          Put your CTI needle over the frame you want to use as a still image.  With the clip highlighted go to EXPORT / FRAME...and choose a place for the file to go to, like your desktop...


          It will be a BMP file...image file.


          Import that image file to your project.


          Put it where you want and stretch it out (trim) to the length of your other clip so it is the right time for you.



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            Thanks Rod!


            I was thinking that was the way to do it, but had no idea how to generate the still image.