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    Recover a Director file?


      Hi there


      Recently a client has come back to us to do revisions on a project we worked on years ago. To our horror we discovered that the french version and all the source files are missing and are unable to recover it. Now we still have the projector files and doing some searching online i discovered that it is possible to recover the .dir out of it but the file itself is locked (and i guess this is questionable method).


      Is there a way to recover some of the contents or am i doomed to tell the client about the missing source files ? All i need is the graphical content since i still have the source files for the english version..


      Any help would really be appreciated!

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          James Newton, ACP Level 3

          It's just a question of lateral thinking.  So long as the movies are not embedded into a projector, you should be able to retrieve all but the scripts and possibly shockwave3d members.


          If you can open the movies in a window (as a MIAW), then you can write a script to tell the MIAW to copy the media of its members into the cast of the movie on the Stage.


          If you have external casts which have been compressed, you can link them on the fly to the movie on the Stage


          Does this give you any ideas that you can work with?

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            Illumono Level 1

            Thank you for the reply. I was able to load the .dir file i managed to extract out of the projector into a MIAW. Sadly my lingo knowledge is limited and i am unsure how to extract the cast. Any assistance would be appreciated!


            In the meanwhile i will look for some documentation on MIAW to see if i can figure something out.

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              Illumono Level 1

              Well, not much luck on the cast/content extraction... but luckily managed to retrieve some of the content with a commercial data recovery program. Just my luck that the Director file itself was not there .

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                James Newton, ACP Level 3

                Here is a Director MX 2004 movie: http://nonlinear.openspark.com/tips/other/Cracker2004.zip.  Open the movie as a MIAW, then click on the the button.  It will ask you to choose a protected movie to open.  It may ask you to create more castLibs for the movie on the Stage, and to change the number of sprite channels.  If all goes well, it should retrieve all the original media for you, except for scripts and shockwave3d members.


                I have not tested this with Director 11.x.  I do not guarantee that it will work in your case.


                I trust that no-one will use this tool in any way that any other developer might find unacceptable.