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    Image + 1180 error + possibly undefined method

    vksvicky Level 1

      Below is a piece of code I've written and getting an "1180: Call to possibly undefined method test".





      public function testDC(): void {









      <mx:Panel id='Test' title = 'Test' width = '100%' height = '100%' creationPolicy="all" backgroundColor="white" backgroundAlpha=".01">

      <mx:VBox label = 'Topology View' showEffect = '{wipe_left}' width='100%' height='100%'

      cornerRadius="5" paddingBottom="15" paddingLeft="5" paddingRight="5" paddingTop="15" clipContent="true">


                  <adobe:SpringGraph id="springgraph" width="100%" height="95%" bottom="0" top="40"

                  right="0" left="0" clipContent="true">



                  <mx:Image width="24" height="24"

                                      source="{(data.id==null)?'': (data.id.search('\\.') > 0) ? 'assets/icons/teacher.png' : 'assets/icons/student.png'}"

                                      toolTip="{data.data}" doubleClickEnabled="true" doubleClick="testDC()"/>









      If I do not call the method, I don't get the error, but I need to perform some operations on the clicking the image.


      1. I've also tried to use icon, but with no success.

      2. I've tried to remove the <adobe:itemRenderer> and the <mx:Component> tags, in this case the images don't get loaded and the screen looks bad.


      Any help?