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    Air Badge Corrupting application

    Foxchx Level 1

      Yep, well that Badge thing seems to be another of those Adobe, bugged filled idea, again!


      Here's the deal....


      Have my application.air file on my server.

      Have a badge pointing to it and allowing to install it from webBrowser.


      The badge works fine so i go and install my application... hey everything works! (sounds good eh... wait wait)


      Start application to realize that my DB is duplicated !?#?! what did i do wrong?


      1- review DB                       [no problem]

      2- review app code              [no problem]

      3- reinstall everything          [Problem!!!!!!!]

      (after re-installation the Db is still duplicated...but not as many duplicate this time)



      So wait! Everything is ok but each time you install the app(using the badge) different bug appears......???


      we are getting somewhere, it must be the installation process....




      Install from the .AIR directly see if it it is indeed the Bage process that mess everything up or if it's the file that's corrupted.


      you guess it, downloading the same file that the badge uses to install the app manually....problem disapear!!!?!?!?!?


      now you tell me how to troubleshoot this?



      Goolge is litter with that air-badger praising!!!

      the files used by the badge have been tested and are all good!!!



      Should i Just forget about the adobe air badges all together?