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    Problem running all States.


      OK, need more help. I have created an animation for my website in Catalyst. The FXP file has 4 states. The file starts with a blank white background page that runs on application start. This fades in a set of title graphics (all imported from Photoshop CS4) to state/page 2 with one of the graphics an Enter button (created in Catalys)t. The viewer after clicking the enter button makes this state/page 2 fade out to state/page 3 with more title graphics including fades and movements. No problems so far. Now I want one of the elements in this third page to fade out and be replaced by another over it. I could not figure a way to do this in state 3. So I did this by adding a fourth state/page 4 with one object fading out and the other fading in at the same time. This works when previewed in Catalyst but when testing in browser (Firefox) everything works except I cannot get it to play thru the last page/state 4. I've tried adding interactions etc. but can't get it to work. I do not want another input for the viewer to continue the animation I want it to play thru State 4 after they click the enter button. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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          Tvoliter Adobe Employee

          Hi Bill,

               Would you be able to post the fxp file (or similiar example of what you are trying to do) for me to look at? I mostly follow your description, but I think I need to look at the file to make a suggestion.





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            billh356 Level 1

            Thanks for your help Ty. I'm afraid I can't post the file. I deleted it and started over. I tried so many things I just gave up. I guess I just don’t understand the methodology you are using here. I just want to create an interactive animation for the opening of my site. But I can’t get it to play thru all the states. I use start on “application start” for the beginning and it works up to the second state where I then have an “Enter” button which when clicked continues the animation to the next state. Then the animation stops after that transition not going on to the next states and their effects. So the rest of my content (in three states) does not play thru. I’m sure I have not figured out the right buttons to push but none of the tutorials seems to show multiple states playing thru to the end. There is always an action by the viewer to continue the animation to the end like a click or mouse move. I would like to do the whole animation in Catalyst but What I am going to try now is build the animation that does not play thru in as a swf. Then I will import it into Catalyst where I will set it up to play after the enter button is clicked. Maybe thats the only way to do what I want. I have attached the new project I have started the last blank state is where I will put the swf file to start.


            Suggestion why not make an option in the interactions menu that will simple play the next state after the previous state plays thru. Like “If in in State 3 play to State 4”. I also still don’t get the action sequences and this may be my problem. I wish we had a manual or something “ hence my stupid questions” but I understand this is a beta. Any input will be appreciated, thanks again, Bill

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              Garry Bradley Level 1


              I'd like to know the outcome of this as well as I have an animation at the beginning where a logo, a background and some text moves and then fades out over two states. This then needs to automatically move to state 3 where a menu bulids up ready for user interaction.


              Using the On Application Start command you can get it to auto run the first bit but there's no way of getting it to move on after that. You'd think adding another interaction to the On Application Start menu telling it to Play Transition to another state would make it run after the first one but it doesn't. In fact it breaks the first one, so why does it allow you to add more?



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                Initially I had the same problem, until I re-figured my thinking. States are pages. And in order to get to another page/state, something has to occur, like a click. So a transition to another state is simply a transition from one page to another. In page 1 if your assets are in different positions and also in page 2, you have the option to show transitions from one state on page 1, to the other state on page 2, i.e. fade in, fade out, move, resize, blink, etc. The problem I encountered was that I wanted a video to run when I clicked on it's image. I wanted the background to fade out, the video player to resize and fade in and the video to automatically play. It took me awhile to figure it out, but what I did was create another state (or page) that was identical to the first state/page. This second page contained the video, set at the original size, with options set to autoplay. All of the background I set at 50% opacity on this second state. I set the transition from the first page to the second page to fade-out in .5 secs using the smooth transitions. I then had to set transtions from the second page back to the first page. And voila! It looks like page 1 fades out, video player fades in and resizes, and automatically plays. But actually it's 2 different pages/states. Hope this helps others in re-thinking the definition of states and pages.

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                  Garry Bradley Level 1

                  That's really helpful Breeee.


                  Chances are a lot of these workflow problems may be sorted in the final version but for now a good workaround is always welcome. The good thing is we'll be able to open these Beta 2 versions in the release version 1.0 so we can refine things down the line.


                  My addition to the problem solving is if you don't have a font that was active from Illustrator when you import it to Catalyst make sure it's True Type version is in your HD>Library>Fonts folder. As a Suitcase user it doesn't seem to activate it but then as a Beta I wouldn't expect it to.

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                    billh356 Level 1

                    Thank you everyone for your help. I have been messing with this thing for weeks now and progress has been slooow! I Realize this is a beta and is still in the birthing stage. But I have to make an observation here.  Adobe has been making software for a long time. Why do the user Interfaces have to be so obscure and complicated. Don't they have some average designer types on their staff to tell them where things should be and how we the average folks work. It sure doesn't seem so to me.  All the capabilities in the world in a piece of software does not make it worth a damn unless it is intuitive and "EASY " to use. We are designers not techs. On top of that every time they put out a new version they move stuff all around and change features we are use to so that we have to start the learning process all over again. I mean in Flash Pro you can't have simple menus for interaction's without having to know how to code or going to a whole other sofware. Geez this is 2010 and designer's still have to know how to write code? Code is for the software developers not the consumer. I still like Adobe software I've been using it since the 80's but they really need to work on their user interface. Adobe keeps improving their products with more and more features, which can be great, if you can use them without a Doctorate in Software design .They need to learn the old saying "keep it simple stupid'! So having done my rant I'll go back and simply work it out. Maybe version 4 will be the one.

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                      Garry Bradley Level 1

                      Don't despair Bill, at least Adobe are trying to do the right thing. The whole thing with Betas is that we give them feedback and they get it better. Version 1 of the software will be similar to now but version 2 may have more of what you want.


                      I personally don't mind the work flow of the app at this stage, it's just about learning a new product until it becomes intuitive like Photoshop and Illustrator, which are my main software. I understand your grievances but stick with it, give it a chance, I think this is going to be good for us designers.


                      I hope Adobe price it competitively when it arrives with CS5 and they make it 64 bit compatible for us Snow Leopard users.