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    Scalability issue with RH8? Large project cannot be compiled properly.

    robert-sfl Level 1

      Hello all,

      a customer reported a severe problem after updating to RH8 from X5. Converting the project which is large in size (exact number of topics unknown) took the entire night and now when a webhelp is generated than random pages of the output remain empty. The corresponding output files have a size of 0kb. The sources are fine, but each generation process produces different help pages that remain blank. He is working locally, not over network. The output report does not preveal any problems, except stating that XYZ topics were compiled, with XYZ varying each time and never meeting the full number.


      Is this a known problem, do you have any other suggestions?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          First this is not a problem that I am aware of. I converted several project with 4/5000 topics and the process took minutes. There is no way any project is going to take overnight to upgrade.


          I hate reference to "large" projects as I have seen it used in connection with projects with just a few hundred topics. It is meaningless. Can you get some idea of the number of topics?


          Is the machine being used a reasonable spec? How much RAM?


          If they open one of the supplied sample projects, does that open in a reasonable time, can they edit and generate OK?


          Was RH8 installed with admin rights?


          Can they test on a non networked machine with virus checking disabled?


          Can they zip the X5 project and get it to you to see if you encounter the same problem on a known good setup?


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