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    Problem when exporting audio from Premiere Pro v4.2.1 into wave 5.1 format


      Hello to Adobe experts!

      After installing of last updates for Adobe Premiere Pro (v4.2.1) and for Media Encoder (v4.2.0.006) the was a problem:


      Now I cannot to export audio from adobe sequence into uncompressed wave format with 5.1 channels settings. Source m2ts video files in sequence are with 5.1 audio.

      What I doing:

      1) in Premiere I execute "File\Export\Media"

      2) Export settings are:

      - format: Windows Waveform

      - audio codec: Ucompressed

      - basic audio settings: 44100Hz, Channels: 5.1, Sample Type 16bit

      3) After OK button it opens Adobe Media Encoder.

      4) After pressing Start Queue in Adobe Media Encoder there is a message "Error compiling movie. Unknown error"


      In earlier versions it worked fine.

      Can you help me with this problem?