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    Subclip support combined with cue points

    Wout Lemmens



      I'm quite new to OSMF, but experimenting a bit. In my search I read the following post: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/483523 about combining fragments of videos into one. The answer back then was 'subclip support', which is in the framework now.


      What I would like is the following:

      Combine various fragments (subclips) of videos into one, and being able to jump from one fragment to the next by using cue points.


      Issues I encounter:

      - I cannot use locally stored videos. It kinda works with some sample .f4v files used in sample code (e.g. rtmp://cp67126.edgefcs.net/ondemand/mp4:mediapm/osmf/content/test/cuepoints/spacealonehd_ sounas_640.f4v). Do subclips and cue points only work on .f4v files that are hosted on a Flash Media Server? Or can I use local files as well? And other formats than .f4v?

      - In the cue point example, when I add another subclip to the SerialElement, the total duration is updated at the time the fragment is going to be displayed. This prevents being able to jump to the next video fragment. I expected that the individual durations of MediaElements in a SerialElement would be available in the total duration of the SerialElement.


      Maybe someone has some hints or links to get this to work. Or maybe even a complete different approach.




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          Vijay Ghaskadvi

          Hi Wout,


          Subclip support does not work with progressive videos, only with streaming videos. The main reason is that NetStream exposes additional parameters for specifying startTime and duration for streaming videosnot for progressive videos. Also, for progressive videos, you'd have to download all the bits until your startTime in order to start playback, and that would be a bad user experience.


          About your second question, I think the answer is using pre-assigned durations, a new feature we added in v0.8. You can set the 'defaultDuration' property on your VideoElement representing the subclip, before you add it to the SerialElement. This should result in SerialElement's duration getting set correctly. Let me know if that does not help.




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            Wout Lemmens Level 1

            Vijay, thanks for your quick reply. But I still have some related questions.


            Your suggestion on the defaultDuration worked directly. That's very nice :-)


            About subclips, I now get the point these are only possible with streaming videos, and not progressive videos. I was trying to setup a media server just to experiment with streaming videos via rtmp, but I wasn't successful. In the end some kind of hosting solution will be chosen anyway, but for the time being I would like to have things installed locally.


            I had a quick look what to use, and I found Red5 as free server solution for streaming videos. In fact I don't really care what kind of media server I have during development (in fact I'm only experimenting at the moment), but I did not get this to work. The idea to have a closer look at hosting the videos as well, is that I would like to know what kind of additional information I have to make available for the subclips and cuepoints to work. Should additional information be provided in separate files? Or should subclips work without any additional details? Any suggestions on this?


            In addition to this, I could hardly find any practical information or examples on how to setup the streaming of videos via rtmp, and how these rtmp-urls are composed. And if additional information required for subclips to work should be stored in separate files, I would like to know how that information is linked to the video.


            I hope you could help me a bit more.




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              rshin Level 3

              Hi Grtz,


              For the streaming media server option, you may use Flash media server which is supported on Windows and Linux. You might be able to download development server version 3.5 (http://www.adobe.com/products/flashmediastreaming/) if you can or join the FMS prerelease.  It is easy to set up the server and contents to streaming. The documents are included when you download the server.  If you are able to download the server and have some questions, please let me know.


              As for the question on the additional information for Subclip, my understanding is that you wouldn't need to store any other information in a separate file as far as the OSMF end user concerns. As long as you can stream a single file thru OSMF player, the subclip should work.


              Let us know how this works for you.





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                Wout Lemmens Level 1

                Hi Ryan,


                Thanks for your reply. For the time being I'm using some urls from examples, so it's possible to mail a swf to others. If really needed, I will install the FMS. But I assume this will be quite easy.


                On the subclip issue, good to hear no additional information is required. I'll experiment some more with this knowledge, but for now I know enough to get going on the subclips and cue points combination.


                Thanks for your input.