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    Depth of field glitch

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      I'm having some trouble with the depth of field in a scene that i'm animating. When the depth of field is turned on, a weird pixelated grainy bar appears across my image. It is definitely the DOF that is causing this as it disappears when turned off. The weird bar also seems to move about, get thicker and thinner in relation to the DOF settings. Is this a problem that anyone has come across before?


      I've tried completely rebuilding the project from scratch and it's still there and it's also happening on two different machines now which is very strange.


      Any thoughts would be much appreciated.




      - Lewis

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I need to know a lot more about the project. If you have the same problem when you distribute three or four solids in Z space then something basic is broken somewhere. If there's a particular alignment of the layers that trigers the bug then describe the relationship between the layers and the camera. If you're applying an effect to any of the layers it would help to know about that.


          I have seen some odd things happen with depth of field before but I just don't know enough about your project to make a guess at the solution.

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            Hi Rick,


            I've set up another simple project and all it has in it is one 3D layer, which is a map, and the camera. Hopefully you can see from the image attached that there is a weird patch on the image. This is there no matter what part of the map I try and focus on. It sometimes moves or changes shape but it never goes away. There are no effects or anything, just the map and the camera. The map itself is High resolution but I've tried using a much lower res image and the same thing happens.




            - Lewis

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Turn off OpenGL. These look like pixel shader artifacts due to insufficient resources.



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                lewisdarby.com Level 1

                That hasn't worked unfortunately.


                - Lewis