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    Can I create PDF/X-1a:2001 with AI CS4?


      We are a print shop making files for printing as follows:

      1. create file in Illustrator CS3
      2. embed artwork and outline type
      3. save as PDF/X-1a:2001
      4. open resulting PDF in CorelDraw X3
      5. check separations, etc.
      6. print to plates or email files to off-site printers


      As far as I know, this works perfectly well BUT when I upgraded to Illustrator CS4 and tried to open the PDF in CorelDraw, I got a "File is corrupted" message.Should we use a different PDF preset? In the AI CS4 Help section "Adobe PDF presets" there is a note saying: "The PDF/X1-a:2003 and PDF/X-3 (2003) presets are placed on your computer during installation but are not available until you move them from the Extras folder to the Settings folder." Where are these folders? I can't find them in the program files.


      I would appreciate any suggestions.