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    Project slow and crashes

    Intercostal Level 1

      I'm editing an 18 minute movie. I divided the editing task into 3 different projects...roughly 6 min, 2 min, and the third one is 10 minutes.

      I am using CS3, working on a laptop with 2 GB of RAM, Duo processors 2.0 GHz, working from a 1 TB external Harddrive.


      The clips are 1920 x 1080 mpegs as well as a number of still tiffs. There are literally a several thousand or more tiffs because I rendered out series of stills for compositing effects....basically frame by frame altering of the images and then bring them back into Premiere. Tifs because jpgs and bmps sometimes

      don't render in CS3.


      The problem is that the 10 minute project crashes frequently. It started happening a couple months ago but I've been working on other aspects of the movie in the meantime. Now I have to address the issue. I believe it all of a sudden started crashing frequently and had memory error messages or 'save, low on memory'.


      I don't know if the project file was at some point corrupted, whether a lot of still tiffs bogs things down, or a workstation that I am nearly closer to purchasing  is now absolutely necessary. I could reconstruct the project from scratch in a completely new file(if file is corrupted) but it would be a lot of work if there is some other issue.


      This one project is crashing so frequently that I can't imagine combining all 3 projects come final rendering time.