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    Pixelated Export since Update on Prem 4.2.1


      Hey folks,


      i've been working with Premiere CS4 for about a year by now and never had any problems with exporting or monitoring on my preview monitor.

      Since the latest update on 4.2.1 my preview monitor is horribly pixelated, no matter what quality level I choose, also my exports come out pixelized. I've tried out all sorts of codecs, compressed, uncompressed and nothing works. It just won't come out smoothe.

      I've been working with DV PAL material, the original footage is fine (viewing it outside Premiere, of course).

      Even older projects, which I have finished last October and which were fine then won't render smoothe anymore.


      Now - have I unconciously changed an important setting? Please tell me if I have (even though I can't recall having changed anything)

      Or is it a possible bug in the update? And if so - is there an elegant way to get rid of the update or will I have to cpompletely un- and reinstall Premiere?


      Thanks for any help