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    Odd Failure When Inputting Rich Text


      1) My contact form imput rich text fields work beautifully in all nightly builds (using PHP) - unless the user is filling in the form after hitting the "Full Screen" button.  If in full screen, none of them work: one cannot even type in the input fields...nothing happens when you click in any of them. 


      How is it that the full screen button is breaking my code?


      That is my first issue.


      2) I thougt it best to offer a full screen button, because the browser vertical scroll bar appears inadvertantly.  I haven't figured this out either.  Sometimes it is there and sometimes it isn't without a discernable pattern.  In the top of my application,I have used width="100%" height="100%, minWidth="1024" minHeight="768", or have no width or height defined, and cannot consistently get a vertical scroll bar.  If I use width="1024" heigth="768", I consistently have a vertical scroll bar, however, if one uses the "Full Screen" button, the application no longer centers correctly AND the user still cannot click and fill in the input fields.


      And solutions or clues would be much appreciated.