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    CS3 Page Tiling Problems from Legacy Illustrator Files (AI9)

    garisimola Level 1

      I have searched this and other forums for an answer to this annoyance, and even called tech support. Since it doesn't happen when you make a new document, adobe told me that it was a quirk I would have to deal with -- maybe someone else had this problem and knows a solution:


      When I open a document created in AI9, the little numbers associated with the page tiling (non-printing) float under the page they are associated with, rather than within the page they are associated with -- this does not happen when creating a new document. Even if I open a AI9 file and then Save As out as a CS3 document, the problem persists. I have attached two images, one showing the correct and one showing the incorrect tiling number positions. Any thoughts on resolving this would be appreciated.


      Correct (page numbers within the page they are associated with):


      Incorrect (page numbers float under the associated page):




      Gary Reggio