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    ho do i programmatically reference components?


      In AS2 I could use eval(), in php i could use varvar ($$foo), but can't figure out how to achieve this in AS3.


      I have a handful of custom components in a parent component (let's call it parentComp for this example).  I want to be able to reference them programmatically like this:


      var someDynamicName:String='foo';



      in this example above, I hope to reference the custom component named 'foo' inside the 'parentComp' parent component.


      i've tried a bunch of different syntaxes like parentComp.someDynamicName.doSomething();,etc...


      i also read about creating an object that holds all the custom components like,


      var compHolder:Object={obj1:'foo',obj2:'bar'};


      but then compHolder['obj1'].doSomething(); doesn't affect the custom component 'foo' at all.


      Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.