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    Multicam freezing (PP CS4 MAC)

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      Im using PP CS4 MAC on a macbook pro 2.33 with 3 gigs ram.  The files for multicam are located on the laptop HD (500 gig HD) and other files on a 1 TB external drive (7200 rpm) via Sata 2.  Everything runs like a champ until I try to multicam 3 HD clips.  They start but about 5 seconds into it the thumbnails freeze and the timeline counter continues.  When I stop it, the thumbnails catch up to what would be the current location on the timeline.  Originally I had the clips on the external drive but copied them to the system drive and deleted them from the external just in case the transfer speed was an issue.  Nope.  Like I say, everything else works great...except multicam.

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          HI I have  similar if not the same problem on my PC, have read there are bugs in multi-camera, I have only one audio track turned on (as per one comment) but have no luck. Just thought if you get any fix I would like to hear. Thanks.

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            Follow up:  Turns out PCMCI Sata card to sata 7200 hard drives just can't keep up.  Had the same issue on my desk top (previous post) and ended up with external Raid 0 drives, all is well.  Problems resolved.

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              Back again to the same problem.  3 HD tracks, Raid 0 system with 7200 drives via SATA.  16 mb RAM, dog slow.  Barely moves along.  This is crazy.  Anyone out there having the same issue with a MAC.  Can you tell me if there is some memory tweeking I need to do to allocate more VM over or something.  Funny if I set up the sequence as HDV video then all 3 cameras come in, things move quicker but then about 3 minutes in it creeps and stops.