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    Problems with Premiere Elements 8 after updating to Nvidia driver 195.81 or later?

    Chad Baker Adobe Employee

      Hello PRE8 users,


      If you have an Nvidia-based graphics chipset, and you've updated to Nvidia driver version 195.81 or later and you're still experiencing frequent crashes and freezes in Premiere Elements 8, then we'd like to hear from you in this thread. As mentioned in the announcement at the top of this forum, we believe most of these issues are caused by a problem with an Nvidia driver that was released after PRE8 was developed, and that the issues should be resolved by updating to Nvidia driver version 195.81 or later. Notes from the announcement I mentioned above are copied below for your reference.


      Best regards,






      For Nvidia users, there is a driver update that will fix both of the following issues:


      • Premiere Elements 8 does not restart after closing on Windows
      • Frequent and inexplicable crashes with Premiere Elements 8


      To resolve these issues, you should update your GPU (graphics card) driver to version 195.81 or higher, by following the steps below.


      1.      Identify which GPU driver you have by right clicking on the Desktop > Properties > Settings and in the Display field it will be displayed.

      2.      Go to http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us and download driver for your GPU card. Its size varies from 80 to 120MB depending upon the GPU card model.

      3.      After the download is complete, run the driver install Installation. This should take less than 2 minutes.


      There are no known issues that the latest driver update will cause.


      This is an announcement. There is a separate discussion topic located here.



      ***If the update steps shown above do not upgrade your system to version 195.81 or higher, then you may need to download the driver directly. Use the link below only if the steps above do not update your driver to 195.81 or higher. The download page for Vista and Windows 7 is located here:



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