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    Files disappeared from Organiser window


      I have encountered a strange problem in PE7.  I successfully completed a project but now I return to it find there are no files (video clips, sound clips etc.) when  I look in the "organiser" or "tagging" window.  When I was working on the project they shoed as thumbnails.  The files do appear in the "edit" pane.


      Incidentally this problem has happened in all the Projects I created.


      I confess I'm mystified.  Have I somehow disconnected the files?  There isn't any message to suggest this.  also it makes no difference if I press the "Show All" button.


      Any suggestions gratefully received.

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          Finnkai2 Level 1

          I think that by reading material I found on the muvipix site that I have found the answer to my own question.


          Somehow, I think by fiddling around with PSE7, I have lost the link between PE7 and its catalog file.  By going to File/Open Catalog... in PE7 I was able to find the catalog which then restored the thumbnails to the organiser pane.


          I must say understanding how to get PE7 and PSE7 to share the same catalog (by using the appropriate commands in both programs) has been a bit of an eye-opener to me.  Maybe it's obvious an happens automatically if you only have one "My Catalog" file but in my case up till now they were using different catalogs.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            The Organize panel in Premiere Elements is one of the most confusing in the program. The files which appear in this panel are NOT in your project. They also are not all of the clips in the Organizer. (To see those, you''ll need to click the Tagging button in version 7.) The files in this panel are merely the most recent that have been added to the Organizer catalog.


            I recommend ignoring this panel completely.


            The only panel that really matters is the Project media panel, under the Edit tab in Premiere Elements 7.


            There's more information in my Basic Training tutorial series at the Muvipix site.


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              Finnkai2 Level 1



              I have located your tutorials and will definitely watch - they look really good.  As explained above it was via the muvipix site that I discovered you could direct PE7 to other catalogs.  One of the the things I'm trying to learn is how to use PSE7 and PE7 together and clearly getting them both to work off the same catalog is an important part of this!

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                Letmethink Level 1

                As we have change Catalog option in PSE and as PSE users' always have more then one catalog

                . So you have to restart PRE once you change catalog from PSE. on relaunch, it auatomatic

                ally connect with PSE selected catalog.

                Normall in PSE-PRE we have common catalog, so any item you add/delete/remove from catalog will reflect in embedded PRE organizer and vice-varsa.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  And if you'd really like to know how Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements work together, you might want to check out one of my books, available on Amazon and at the Muvipix store.