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    PP CS4 color key not working


      I have a very basic use case. I have done a simple 1 min screen capture video showing a software product demonstration. I have set the background to cyan for easy key out.


      However when importing to PP and adding a color key to cyan, Preview shows the color being removed. But after rendering the sequence out. The final video show a cyan background with no key color effect.... I have tried adjusing the options on the color key and different video output formats and options. But each time the color key does not seem to be reflected in the final render. like I siad preview window is correct, but after media encoder renders color key seems to habe been turned off.


      if I switch to chroma key, it work correclty. But I should not have to, since it is a solid color. and should be very accurate to key out using color key.


      And/also if I import the sequence (with color key) into AE... it render our correctly. The exact same thing. Renders inccorrectly from PP, corrrectly from AE, no changes etc..


      I am assumeing there must be some setting somewhere I am not paying attention to. I do not know AE well enough to rely on that to get my work done.