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    PP C24 render speed.... Compared to AE


      I have a very short/simple sequence I am rendering out. It consist of one imported screen capture 1 min video at a random screen resolution. I need to key out a color and replact with different background. My end video is showing a product demonstration. It will be rendered at 1280x1024, 309fps avi...  I have imported the source 1 min avi, without scaling  (it is smaller), keyed out color, and  added background png on a different tract. Again vier simple. Preview looks great, scrubbing looks good. So a then render.... ME tells me 8 HRs render time!


      the only thing I have done to this product  cut out a few frames using ripple delete, there is no reasone media encoder shoudl take 8 hrs rendering time.


      Worse then I go back to sequence and edit the sequence very slightly and then re-render and ME gives me 15 mins render time.... I don't even see how I did anything that would effect the rendertime at all. a minor ripple delete of a few frames. Its a very random problem and I need to figure out why ME is bing soooo sensitive to somethime I am doing...


      Oh yeah, AE never has this issue. Everytime I can inport the sequence into AE and it renders in 2-5 mins.. .nevers changes times dramitically..


      I wish I knew AE better and I woudl bail on PP. since it seems to be very sensitive to stuff I just can't figure out... Or Media Encoder just does not work well..


      can anybody give me some advice on a checklist of things that could be causing huge render times descrepancies?