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    Reduce size


      I've got a video 574MB Mpeg which I want to upload on Vimeo. Vimeo has a 500MB limit for free sign ups. How can I reduce the size of the file whitout changing it.


      best regards Kjetil

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >reduce the size of the file whitout changing it


          Let's see... I have seven bottles and a carrier that will only accept six bottles... "how do I fit 7 in a carrier that is only large enough for 6?"


          You don't


          You must change SOMETHING

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            kjetiltofte Level 1

            LOL. yes of course, I can of course change the quality or reduce the pixels to vimeo's web standard. I meant without having to leave out any of the pics.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              I believe what John was saying is that you can lower your MPEG quality. This will reduce the file size.


              But the wiser solution is to post an internet video format (like a WMV or an MOV) to this site rather than an MPEG (which is more of a computer-based or DVD-based format).


              WMVs and MOVs are much more compact and will give you a much smaller file at much better quality on a site like Vimeo.

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                digitalreply Level 1

                Not a very good workaround - you may do it by bringing it into a video edting software(pre7/8) and splitting the clip into two parts(or as need be)  and then again export it to a mpeg format OR export to a web format as mentioned by Steve.