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    A little help please.


      I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and I'm running into a few problems.  I'm not going to bombard any of you with all of them so I'll just get to the most prominent.


      My troubles start at the end of my editing journy when I go to export my video, it's not that it doesn't export or becomes laggy or anything like that, the video goes to Adobe Media Encoder where it takes awhile to aparently encode and then the file usually ends up being 100 times bigger than it was originally. To be more specific the file starts off at around 245MB and ends up being over 26GB. This ladies and gentlemen is my issuetissue here. It's simply too large. I need to find out how to not have the file be so large.


      First I tried exporting it as "Windows AVI" (I think) and then I tried the same process but I went on a whim and tried exporting it as a "Quicktime" video. Both resulted in the file being over 26GB.


      Any advice, input, or off the wall remarks will be extremely appreciated.


      = ]

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          Terrachild Level 1

          If you're exporting with a compression preset that shouldn't happen.  Maybe you are exporting uncompressed?


          How long is the video?

          You say it is 245 Mb.  What format is in in?

          Have you made the video shorter with your editing in Premiere?


          In Adobe Media Encoder, try exporting with "Windows AVI" as the Format, and "NTSC DV" as the Preset.  Under the video tab, Video codec should say "DV NTSC", don't change anything else and try exporting it.  That should compress it.

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            Leftover_Crack Level 1

            Preset is NTSC DV and I am exporting compressed (Windows AVI).


            The video is a little over 2 hours long and I have both a 269Mb MPEG-4 version and a 700Mb AVI version.


            (probably useless information)The 700Mb is the original original file while the 269Mb is a newer compressed version that I shrunk for uploading purposes.


            But for the sake of my problem here I'm using the MPEG-4 version. Also I'm not making the video shorter I'm actually adding about 5 seconds to it with a 3.63 Mb AVI file (which I made in AfterEffects)

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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The file size is correct for DV AVI.  What is your final use?  That determines what compression is appropriate.


              What codec is used in the 700 MB AVI?  DivX?

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                Leftover_Crack Level 1

                By final use do you mean what I'm eventuallly going to do with the video?


                Also I'm not sure what codec it is, but it's most likely divx.

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                  Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  If you are only watching youir videos on line/on a computer, mp4 or divx might be fine.  If you are going to create a DVD less compression will be critical, and the DVD transcoding will reduce the size.  See exporting in the help files.

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                    Leftover_Crack Level 1

                    Well I'm not watching these videos I'm uploading them for other people to watch. The problem is, I'm planning on uploading them to myspace video, which has a 500Mb limit for uploading (the trick is [since it's copyrighted material] as soon as you upload the video you copy the embedded code and then delete the video because it stays on their server, meaning you can't get in trouble for something that you technically don't even have).


                    Anyway I'm going to try exporting it again right now and I'll report my findings when I'm done.


                    = ]

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                      Leftover_Crack Level 1

                      UPDATE: After two export attempts here's what happened.



                      First attempt: MPEG-4 aparently this turns my video into 3GPP which is for mobile devices, didn't notice untill after I was done, waste of my time. (after further review I found out that 3GPP was the only option of a preset it gives me when I have it on MPEG-4 as a format.)



                      Second attempt: Tried H.264(format[DVNTSC preset]) on a friends reccomendation, after 8 hours of exporting(encoding) the file is now 0.0bytes.


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                        Curt Wrigley Level 4

                        So, bottom line is you want a video to play on myspace and you are probably using a public storage server to serve it from.  Why not use a standard web format like flash or h.264?  Its going to end up as 360x240 video o myspace; right?


                        So, encode it for the final delivery size and frame rate.   Do yourself a favor; test by encoding 1 minute of the video till you have the size/quality you are happy with.  Then do the whole 2 hour deal.

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                          Leftover_Crack Level 1

                          Not to sounds like an ******* but I just said that I tried H.264 and my video is now 0.0bytes.


                          Honestly I saw that there were presets for things like "Myspace" and "Youtube" since (like you just said) eventually they will end up on myspace, should I just export with the Myspace preset?



                          By the way thanks everyone for you help so far, I'm at least getting somewhere as opposed to where I was just by myself and stuck on trying the same thing over and over again with the same awful results.


                          = ]    <3


                          EDIT: And by flash I take it you mean FLV?


                          EDIT(again): Also when I exported as H.264 the video "type" ended up saying it was "MPEG-4."     Go figure....

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                            Matt Petersen Level 3

                            If you're in a bit of a hurry and H264 isn't playing ball, try making a medium sized WMV. I've always been pretty happy with what YouTube et al does compression-wise to that sort of file, they come down OK.


                            If you're having no fun encoding to H264, your codec might be "broken". got anything else on that machine that might have dropped a bunch of codecs?? I try to keep my Premiere machines pretty "pure" by staying away from "XYZ Amazing Video Converter" etc.


                            If that's not it, it could be your source material. Might be worth trying some basic DV AVI if you have some and see if you can encode that.


                            By trying to export an MPEG file as a DV AVI, you're sortof asking Premiere to take a car and turn it into a truck. Premiere says "whatever" and builds you your truck... it just has to space the parts out a long way in order to do it. but it's still the size of a truck.


                            hang in there. working in digitial video can sometimes be like trying to staple jelly to BigFoot.



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                              Curt Wrigley Level 4

                              Yes; you said you tried X264 with a DV Preset.  Thats certainly not the size you want is it?

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                                Leftover_Crack Level 1

                                Noidea community expert Curt Wrigley, I'm pretty sure the last time I used Premiere was with the 6.0 or 6.5 versions. I've pretty much only been using AfterEffects and Photoshop since then.


                                Aparently I need an open book thrown at my face or something.


                                Thank god you people seem to be 100x+ better than me at this. I only have the inginuity to come up with something abstract. I'm not to good at making this abstract piece of nothing come out to something I can work with(uploadingwise).

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                                  Curt Wrigley Level 4

                                  I suggest you try the canned web presets. Again; test on a shorter project.

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