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    Why does AIR lock the flashlog.txt on Windows?

      I've developed an AIR based logger console called ThunderBolt AS3 Console for using ThunderBolt AS3.

      The idea behind is to log any ActionScript objects using different log levels into flashlog.txt and the console displays all information using a hierarchic list.

      Anyway, the console mentioned above runs on OS X pretty well, but it seems, that on a Windows system an opened AIR app locks the flashlog.txt and any log information triggered by ThunderBolt AS3 can't be logged. Does anybody know a way to fix it?

      P.S. I've found this bug entry called AIR puts a read-only lock on flashlog.txt at Adobes Bug System. But the bug entry is closed, because it's an "issue is not a Flex issue." :-(

      Any idea?