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    A "typical" InDesign Server application...


      Hello. Thanks to some good users in this very forum, now I know that I need to delve deep into InDesign Scripting to achieve my objectives (world domination and the like...). My objective is to spend a few months learning how to create PDF's on the fly via creating scripts. Eventually, however, my intention is to use InDesign Server to convert incoming data into hi-res pdf's. And here is where I am a bit lost. What is the logical (or effective, or efficient) way to use Scripts with InDesign Server? I mean, from a n00b point of view, I guess there are two possibilities:


      1. I create a full script in an external program (the whole code), then export it into InDesign Server, or...


      2. I store a script "somewhere" (geez I AM a noob!) in InDesign Server, and I Import variables generated in an external program (i.e. through XML etc...)


      Could someone let me know which one of the two options (if any!) is the closest to what happens in a typical InDesign Server project? Thanks in advance!