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    Drag and Drop Problem

    Mitch Wallace Level 1
      I just got Dir11 and was testing the PuzzleDrop Behavior I found. ( http://director-online.com/buildArticle.php?id=222) But when I set it up and ran the program it didn’t work. So I tried increasing the Acceptable Variance to cover the whole screen and then it found the object and snapped it into place as soon as the program started. (It executed the initial test call on line 30.) So I reduced the Acceptable Variance to a large area that didn’t encompass my object before I had the chance to move it with the mouse. Then I moved the object into the covered area – it still didn’t work. Finally I figured out that the "on mouseUP me" line (33) isn’t working. If I move an object into the area and drop it the behavior doesn’t work. But if I move an object into the area and double click on it the behavior finds it and snaps it into place. How can I fix this? I’m very new to Director and I’m not sure if this is a Dir11 bug or something that simply needs recoded for Dir11.

      (By-the-way I’m using a PC running XP.)