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    AVCHD capture


      I'm making the break to HD and was wondering if anyone had some pointers, and also if anyone has has heard about a needed fix to On Location.


      AVCHD seems to be the format of the future, and with the drop in price of some nice cameras like the Canon Vixia HF S100, now seems like a good time.  But as many of you probably know these new cameras don't offer firewire out for live capture, or scope analysis in On Location.  They have HDMI.


      After some research, I've come up with this:  Use the  BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro capture card ($199) to capture the HDMI out from the camera.  This has the advantage of bypassing the AVCHD hardware compression and capturing the uncompressed video stream right from the sensor.  According to the tech support at BlackMagic, I'm better off doing this and capturing in DVCPROHD format anyway.  The problem arises when you try to use Adobe On Location to do that.  BlackMagic told me that the CS4 rewrite of the code messed things up for 3rd party capture cards, and now On Location won't accept the video stream.  He was hopeful that Adobe would resolve the problem and correct it for CS5.  He told me that Premiere Pro, however, doesn't have this limitation with their product.  I can use the scopes in Premiere Pro and capture with whatever codec I want.


      This should be a better solution then using either HDV or AVCHD anyway according to him.


      Do this sound like a good way to go?

      Are the scopes in Premiere able to handle a live feed?

      Is Adobe going to correct this problem with On Location?

      Only being able to capture with firewire is going to be a problem with more and more people isn't it?



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          medeamajic Level 2

          If you are going to have a computer handy on the set then it might work out OK. AVCHD is a hard codec to edit but if you can connect the AVCHD camera and capture to a MJPEG cocdec it would be better than editing the AVCHD codec. I am not sure if Premiere will let you capture to a codec like MJPEG but I am sure Decklink must have a capture tool that will allow for this. I imagine your file will be about 25 MBPS in size if you capture at 1920 X 1080 at about 5:1 compression. I would like to think the Decklink card would allow you to select the amount of compression. Uncompressed HD at 1920 X 1080 is about 120 MBPS.

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            h2ofun Level 1

            I just got my Sony HDR-cx700v.  I have made the change from tape to tapeless.  The quality of the video is so good compared to cameras I used just a few years ago, that I am going to just stick with processes in place today that work great.  I will capture in 1920X1080P.  I will do my editing in PPro at 59.94 fps.

            I will then make a BR image in Encore using 29.97 fps which is as high as the BR spec goes.  Am hoping Adobe will update Encore so it will output

            AVCHD discs where I can use the full 60p data.

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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              Am hoping Adobe will update Encore so it will output AVCHD discs where I can use the full 60p data.


              This is a limitation of the Blu-ray specification itself, not Adobe's software.  There just is no defined 1080p/60 spec.  Such is the ******* stepchild of consumer camera makers.

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                h2ofun Level 1

                Jim, I am not asking for any changes in the BR spec.  From what I can see, the AVCHD spec has the higher quality.  So, just like CS5 has a

                DVD spec, BR spec, etc., do you think they will ever add the option for the AVCHD spec?  These type discs can be burned on BR or DVD media,

                played on computers, etc.  As I said, if a program like multiAVCHD can do it, why not Adobe?

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  As Encore is but an abstraction layer for the Sonic AuthorCore modules, I would anticipate that it will take a change from Sonic to make this a full possibility. Now, I could be wrong, and perhaps it is something in that abstraction layer, that Adobe has not yet implemented fully.


                  Encore CS5 has added some AVCHD support, but do not know if it's what you are looking for. Does this Lynda.com Tutorial help you get what you are looking for?


                  Good luck,



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                    h2ofun Level 1

                    BIll, have you tried taking avchd files, put them in multiavchd, and see the output folder structure it makes?  This is the issue. Yes, Encore can take files and my a current DVD structure.  Encore can take files and make a correct BR structure.  But, we need on more structure, that multiavchd can build, to make what I am told is the current avchd structure.  Below is what I am told it is, and this is what I see from my folder that multiavchd built.  I can then take this avchd folder, and burn it to a dvd platter lets say, and play it in some of the BR players that play avchd "discs".  Or I can leave it in the cloud and grab it from various players and never have to burn media.


                    AVCHD should be in a proper structure:
                    [Image: 380px-AVCHD_actual_file_structure.svg.png]

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                      h2ofun Level 1


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                        the_wine_snob Level 9


                        BIll, have you tried taking avchd files, put them in multiavchd, and see the output folder structure it makes?



                        No, I have not. I do not work with AVCHD. I am also working with pure DVD, or BD, and have no need to explore other potential processes.


                        Good luck, and I see that you filed the Feature Request. Now remember, Encore is built around the Sonic AuthorCore, so it might not be a simple bit of coding in Encore, but a re-write from Sonic. I just do not know how easily this might (or might not) be to be implemented. Maybe simple - but maybe not?



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                          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          If your movie is no longer than about 20 minutes you can make a BD iso (image) with Encore and burn it to DVD-disk (with e.g. Nero) and play it on a standalone BD-player.

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                            h2ofun Level 1

                            Bill, until I get my new avchd camera, I also never had any interest.  But with a camera now that will do full 60p, and so much of my material is really becoming cloud based, it is just where I think all video is heading.  I already have my entire 20 years of family video on iso images on a hard drive.  Zero media burns.



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                              h2ofun Level 1

                              Ann, I really do not have any desire to make a DVD out of this material.  I do not even own a BR device, and really have no desire to.

                              What I love about encore now is in the past I could make an HDV Pro project and link to encore.  I could then make a BR or DVD folder

                              from the same encore project by just changing the build type.  I would love to see them just add a avchd build type so I have the choice

                              to make 3 different outputs.


                              As I said to Bill, until I bought my new Sony HDR-cx700v which makes 60p material, is was a non issue.  The 1080i in last years cameras work

                              at the max level of the BR spec.  The new 1080p just takes things to the next level that BR will probably never handle.  Seems once many BR players

                              play AVCHD, there may be more folks like me asking for a better tool than multiavchd.

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                                Jim_Simon Level 8
                                do you think they will ever add the option for the AVCHD spec?


                                Personally, I doubt it.