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    Clustering and CF9 Standard?

    WestSide Level 1



      I have a couple of questions that I was hoping to get answered around ColdFusion 9 and clustering.  Currently, we run CF8 and IIS on the same box with a dedicated db server and serve up about 10 applications.  We are starting to look at clustering and I wanted to know:


      1. With CF 9 Standard, can we setup clustering?  Our apps have session vars and we want to use sticky sessions but I'm unsure if we can do that just with CF9 Standard.


      2. Does CF play well with VMware? If so, does anyone have any success stories around Virtualizing CF?



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          Jochem van Dieten Level 4

          1. No, you can not set up clustering in CF Standard. You could set up multiple servers and let a load balancer handle the distributio of requests over the servers, but then you do not have session failover. This may meet your requirements. Or not.


          2. It works just fine. I can't remember when I set up CF for the last time on a non VMware system.