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    How to Export PDF to Text File?

    Oviya... Level 1

      Hi pals,


      Am doing Applescript to convert PDF to Text. Is there any possibilities to do in Applescript or Javascript (by calling Javascript syntax using doScript in applescript). I need either .txt file or .doc file.Thanks in advance.




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          Muppet Mark-QAl63s Level 4

          Use save document command with using conversion… Here is an example for plain text.


          property Default_Location : (path to desktop as Unicode text) as alias


          set Input_Folder to choose folder default location Default_Location with prompt "Select a folder of PDFs" without invisibles


          tell application "Finder"

          set File_List to (files of Input_Folder whose name extension is "pdf")

          repeat with This_File in File_List

          set The_File to This_File as alias

          tell application "Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional"


          open The_File

          set Doc_Name to name of document 1

          set Base_Name to my getBaseName(Doc_Name)

          set New_File_Path to (Default_Location as string) & Base_Name & ".txt"

          save front document to file New_File_Path using conversion "com.adobe.acrobat.plain-text"

          close front document

          end tell

          end repeat

          end tell


          on getBaseName(fName)

          set baseName to fName

          repeat with idx from 1 to (length of fName)

          if (item idx of fName = ".") then

          set baseName to (items 1 thru (idx - 1) of fName) as string

          exit repeat

          end if

          end repeat

          return baseName

          end getBaseName


          Other text conversions are "com.adobe.acrobat.rtf" & "com.adobe.acrobat.accesstext"