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    Should Media Encoder Source Name

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      Hello all,


      I've asked this question in another way, but I didn't get a soluton -- so I'll simplify my question....


      Adobe Premiere CS4  4.21 and Media Encoder CS4 4.2.0 006  Windows


      When in The Media Encoder The Source Name of the file.


      Should the actual directory of the video and video file name be shown or does it show in this format:  C:\Document\user\LOCALSETTINGS\temp\Sequence 01


      In my case it is  showing in per above -- and I think I must have mysetting wrong somewhere????????????


      See screen capture.  Is this "normal"?





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          I think your image showed this information about where media encoder is " seeing " your "source name"....


          c:\docume~1\rowby\locals~1\temp\commercial-15_3.prproj/Sequence 01


          It seems to me that this part.....   \commercial-15_3.prproj/   ..... is an adobe premiere pro "project name".


          My impression is that you have saved your project there.  After the project name is the following:


          \commercial-15_3.prproj/Sequence 01


          That looks to me like your Sequence saved within that project....  what you are calling the "source name ?"


          I think what Adobe Premiere Pro does is it makes links to the real video and audio files you have on your hard drive and saves the information about your manipulation of the real files as code in the location you choose for your project.  The project doesn't have to be in the same directory as the files you are using for video or audio, etc.


          When I begin a new project it is often the default directory "c:\documents and settings\rod\my documents\adobe\premiere pro\3.0 "  that is listed for me to save the project.  That is the default directory (folder) that my project would be saved in if I don't choose one of my own .....


          Maybe your default directory is the one you have showing above...  ???  I think that is the likely reason you have that project saved in that directory.


          However, it makes no difference really....where the project is saved in relation to the video and audio files you use within the project, because the project is only saving references to the source material and doesn't need to be in the same directory as that source material.


          When you start a new project, look at where the project is to be saved, and you can "browse" your hard drive and save it in a folder of your choice. I usually create a folder before I start a new project , just for that project, and then choose the folder I've created to start the project there....


          Hope this helps...



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            HI Rod,

            Thanks for your thorough reply.


            I have looked thorugh each step you suggested, and in fact I aleady set up the project (and several test projects) the way you suggested.  That's how I always do it.


            I browse to my "D" drive, create a new folder from the root and start my project there.  I also make the scratch tracks match that location.  (See attached scratch track screen capture.)


            So that is why I am confused to see the C: drive showing in the export source settings.   I also used Windows Explorer to look in those folders in the C: drive and my poject files are (of course) nowhere to be seen there.    They are in the D: drive folders etc, per the screen capture, which is where I want them to be.


            To help me clarify this, Rod, can you look at one of your projects that you have set up.   For example if you set it up on the C: drive, such as "C:\foobar project" ,  or if you set it up on your "D" drive, such as "D:\foobar" --   No matter where you set it up. When you export that project are you seeing a similar path in your Adobe Media Encoder Export source Name list:  that I show in my screen capture.  That is, a reference to the C: documents folder (and subfolders) instead of the actual project folders that you set up?


            In other words, in your specific case, what are you seeing in the export Source name?    (I am going to assume you are NOT showing a reference to the C: documents folder -- unless of course you specifically set up your project in the c:documents folder) 






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              I just now did a double check in the C: directory.  Specifically C:\Documents and Settings\rowby\Local Settings\Temp


              I see a duplicate of the project name in that directory. "foobar.prproj"     And if I click on that file it opens up the Project.


              So it seems as if CS4 is creating two project file names (at least in my setup) -- one in the actual directory that I created it in (in my case in the D: drive) and then makes a copy of "foobar.prproj" in the Temp direcory in the C: drive.  And then the Adobe Media Encoder is pointing to that temp directory instead of the actual directory... ?????


              I don't recall Premiere doing this before (although I didn't pay much attention to it).  So my additional question is is this normal for Premere -- or do I have a misconfiguration that is making this duplicate file name in the temp directory -- which is then being referenced in the Adobe Media Encoder "Source Name".





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                I don't know if this is the answer to my question, but I found this link




                In the above thread  one comment is "You can't change the source AME reads from. It creates a temp copy of your seq (not source files just the prj seq) so you can make changes to the orginal while it is encoding the temp one."


                Any thoughts / comments on the above comment?


                If this is correct, then perhaps the issue I was having is a "non-issue". l (Rod, I would still like to know what your  Adobe Media Encoder "Source Name" is showing -- the C:....Temp directory or the actual directory of your project(s).






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                  When Media Encoders launches it loads a temp copy of your project file to process on.  The reason is;  you can then (while AME is encoding someting) open the project in Pr and start making changes to it.  If they were workignon the same project this would cause a conflict.   This is why AME makes a temporary copy of the project file to process against.   You shouldnt have to mess with it.

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                    Thanks, Curt


                    That makes sense.  I was just concerned that I had some kind of a misconfiguration.


                    Now I understand that the endoder is behaving nornally.