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    CS4 Export Movie animated gifs

    mentlity Level 1

      I tried using this feature in CS3 and no matter what setting I tried the animation looked horrible. I have been using CS4 so I can get used to it and I have to say that the new animation techniques really make a big difference. One of the features I thought I would try is the export movie to an animated gif. Without even looking at the settings I did the export and opened the .gif in Firefox and I as amazed to see that it looks so much better in CS4 than CS3 ever did. I guess this must have been a big complaint cause as a designer who does alot of banners I need to do back up animated.gifs in some instances and if you know Macs there is no app to do this so when I needed to I would copy the swfs to a thumb drive and do the conversion from swf to animated gif on my pc.