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    Captivate 4 will not record software simulation with Windows 7



      I have a Dell M6400 labptop, 32-bit, operating system is Windows 7.  The patch I downloaded through Help->Updates-> on Captivate fixed

      my microphone problem, but did not help the software simulation problem.


      I get as far in the process as having the screen setup with the red bounding box and controls visible.  After choosing automatic I then click on the record button.  There is a shutter sound, but it won't save anything.  I get back to Captivate and it has not recorded anything.


      I then installed it on my main computer which is 32-bit and uses windows xp.  I did exactly the same thing as my above mentioned laptop and it did the software capture beautifully.  So it must be the Windows 7.


      I am disappointed that the patch didn't fix that.  Will one be coming soon that will?