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    Maximum 30s waiting for RPC call, how to resolve?

    Ariston Darmayuda



      We've face problem on limitation time Channel call procedure for RPC. We always get this message:


      info = mx.rpc.events.FaultEvent (@2141581)   
      bubbles = false   
      cancelable = true   
      currentTarget = null   
      eventPhase = 2   
      fault = mx.rpc.Fault (@17c0f11)   
          [inherited] =    
          faultCode = "Channel.Call.Failed"   
          faultDetail = "NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Failed"   
          faultString = "error"   
          rootCause = Object (@224f6a1)   
      headers = null   
      message = mx.messaging.messages.ErrorMessage (@21b3bf1)   
      messageId = "C7C81C48-5CAA-E8A2-4F47-13629B6DFEA7"   
      target = null   
      token = mx.rpc.AsyncToken (@21b3b21)   
      type = "fault"


      The message above show everytime we execute service and got response more than 30s. We need to change the timeout duration to more than 30s (this case we need about 2-4 minutes, because of large data). We run this on Windows OS.


      Thanks for support.