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    Problems with an advanced results page


      I am redeveloping and updating an old site changing it from asp and access database to php and mysql.

      Working from Foundation Dreamweaver UltraDev 4 I was able to build a “results” page showing the search from 2 tables via dynamic drop down list menus.

      The first table “towns” was used to select an individual town or all towns.

      The second table “list” selected a “category” and showed either those records from a certain town or from all towns.

      I have created a similar page in DWCS3 with a dynamic drop down list menu for “towns” and two dependant dynamic drop down list menus for “cat” and “sub_cat” where “cat” filters the records for “sub_cat” which then selects records from the “list” table

      My results page reveals those sub_cat selected list records from a certain town but I can’t find a way to reveal sub_cat selected records from all towns.

      Can anyone help?


      Attached is the, slightly edited, code for the results page


      Many thanks