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    Trunk & playerglobals

    tinylion_uk Level 2



      I noticed that the way playerglobals is handled in trunk and 4.0.0 is different than it was a few days ago. Something about being able to have both 10 and 10.1 available in there or something.


      anyway, since the change my builds of the trunk are still working fine but when I go into builder4 something seems to go wrong.


      Im now showing 2 playerglobals  in the flexsdk folder in package explorer


      its showing:




      if i leave it like this I'm getting none of the playglobal classes available.


      so. Im deleting both and adding swc of playerglobal deom libs/player/10


      all seems ok then


      I have been using rsls for just about everything, and for months havent had a problem.

      Now im always gettngs 'VerifyError: Error #1014: Class spark.skins::SparkSkin could not be found.


      so im turning of verification on everything and then im getting all the swcs to load


      still seem to be having problems though.


      will get back when ive figured out whats happening

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          matt_chotin Level 3

          yes, we're prepping for the 10.1 release which may not happen before we ship, but we want to be prepared for it since Flex will require 10.0 and need to support 10.1.  Builder will automatically handle this in its final release, but if you're using nightly builds you may need to adjust the configs to remove the substitution variable.


          I believe the SparkSkin issue might be a known issue that we were working on and will hopefully be resolved either now or early next week.



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            tinylion_uk Level 2

            Cheers Matt


            Yes, I thought as much, and have everything working fine now.


            Was also good to see the 4.0.0 branch appear, must be starting to get close now.







            tinylion development & design

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              davr64 Level 1

              I'm getting these same problems when using the latest stable Flex 4 SDK ( along with the Flash Builder 4 Beta 2. Is there an official response to what we should do to resolve it yet, or should I just hold off on trying to use the newer SDKs along with FB4 Beta 2?

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                I am getting the exact same error using the new SDK.


                Any ideas from anyone on a workaround?



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                  randenix Level 1

                  Sorry -- my bad.


                  The workaround is on the download page for the latest stable builds:



                  Note: If you are using the Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 release with a nightly build of SDK 4 after build 13079, you will encounter a runtime error due to the sparkskins.swc being built and linked as an RSL. To workaround this issue, please make the following modification in Flash Builder: Project->Properties->Build Path->Library Path->Framework Linkage and select 'Merged into code'. This issue will be fixed in the next public drop of Flash Builder.

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                    davr64 Level 1

                    I still run into errors;


                    1. Flash Builder doesn't know about any of the built-in classes anymore, eg no code completion for String, flash.geom.Point, DisplayObject, etc etc

                    2. I get errors at runtime saying Skin cannot be found for my custom componets, when it worked just fine previously. I tried setting the skinClass via CSS and via setStyle("skinClass"), still get the error.


                    I guess we just need to wait until the next full release, unfortunate that they don't have more frequent FB releases to go along with the Flex SDK releases.

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                      franto kormanak Level 1

                      Yes, I have exactly same problem with last stable nightly build 13875 and latest build as well...

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                        randenix Level 1

                        Yeah, just an update -- I followed the above instructions, but then EVERYTHING broke (my app wouldn't even load -- some kind of verify error), so I've rolled back until more information is available.

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                          franto kormanak Level 1

                          I believe, it's VerifyError: Error #1014: Class spark.skins::SparkSkin could not be found. I've same error

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                            franto kormanak Level 1

                            Here is fix for playerglobals




                            and for verify error you need to do exactly what is written on nightly build page, Merge framework into code


                            For me it works (compile clean and without error, but some functionality of apps are not correctly working, but now I can't tell why)