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    How to Export to Format to Run DVD in a TV/DVD


      I have a TV/DVD combo and I'm trying to run my Captivate project that I exported to a DVD...but I exported it as an .exe file and it won't play when I insert the DVD.  I even tried using an external DVD player and connecting it to the TV/monitor.


      How should I export my Captivate project so I can run it as an endless loop and also be able to run it when I place my DVD in the DVD tray of the TV/monitor?



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Steve


          I'm no DVD expert, but I don't believe the EXE format will work for you in this case.


          I belive that the DVD format simply relies upon a specific folder and file structure. It's not something Captivate creates. Likely you will need to locate, download and install a conversion application that will accept a Captivate output as SWF and spit out something you would place on a DVD.


          Cheers... Rick



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            ScottPakis Level 1

            Rick is correct, your DVD player won't recognize an .EXE. Blu-ray players will recognize .EXE files just for updating firmware but won't play them.


            What you have to do is export your captivate to .AVI. Then using DVD burning software, select the output to DVD option (as opposed to a data option) and add the .AVI. Then it will play on your DVD.


            PLEASE NOTE! Even after you do this your player may give you an error that "this disc isn't recognized" even though it plays on your PC. The reason being is that it needs to encode the DVD at the right size.


            If you can capture and output your Captivate 720 x 480, or 1280 x 960 (HD format) it should work. If your output is different or not in proportions those sizes I've listed your DVD player may display an error.


            On a side note, I use a Mac at home (PC at work, whaaa!) so I can't tell you what options you have for your burning software (Nero or whatever).


            Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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              ScottPakis Level 1

              Hi Rick,


              I'm pretty computer -> DVD Savvy.


              Your are correct about the .EXE - a DVD player won't recognize it. Besides to copy an .EXE to DVD you are copying in Data Mode, rather than video mode.


              This individual won't need any .swf converter. You can output the captivate to .AVI. Any decent DVD burning software or if you have Adobe Encore will work.

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                ScottPakis Level 1

                Hi Steve,


                On another note I've been using Adobe Encore to produce DVDs.


                First you must output the captivate to .AVI and import it into Encore.


                If you Encore this it will work. In fact the option to loop the video is also do-able.

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                  niamhsile Level 1

                  Captivate will export to avi. It's available in the Media tab of the publish window (in the same dropdown list as the exe option). I've used the option and while it works, the results are less than spectacular, particularly if you're trying to work with full motion recordings. The Help recommends not even trying your project is bigger than 800 x 600.


                  If you go ahead with the option, make sure before you start that the height and width of your project are even numbers. If you have an uneven number of pixels in your dimensions the project will hang while publishing with no error message to help you out (I spent days figuring out that one). Even without that it takes a while and uses serious CPU.


                  I’m sorry to say that since my projects were all greater than the recommended size, with long full motion recordings, I was forced to import them into Flash and publish them as the video from there. There are probably better ways but I had deadlines and a significant amount of wasted time behind me already.


                  Re looping: Publish > Preferences > Start and End. In the Project end section there’s a loop option. This will work for your swf. For video, you should just be able to put the dvd on repeat.


                  Hope some of this helps you out. I had a very frustrating time with this late last year, it’d be nice if I could save you some of that. Best of luck.

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                    I have to agree, it doesn't seem like Captivate should be ones first option when producing to DVD.


                    Niamhsile ( or anyone really), have you had any recent luck with converting to DVD?  We have a bunch of people here that seem to want to go that route despite the poor results.  I would love to be able to have a good solution to all the problems we've run into.  I've had to deal with everything from unsynced audio, dropped video frames and poor resolution. That doesn't even include people creating slides out of title safe, creating slides with too much info so the font size is less then ten and putting fine detailed graphics onto a slide...But I doubt I'll find the solution to those answers here.  Unless anyone knows of a "show title safe" option when creating slides.


                    Thanks in advance to all that answer.

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                      ScottPakis Level 1

                      I will run a test later this week and post my results. As I wrote earlier in this thread there are certain acceptable dimensions for burning a DVD from a movie file. Check out this page, very helpful



                      This means when you build your captivate file you should need to capture at the correct aspect. Is it 4:3? That means that 800 x 600 should look OK? Not exactly. What are the settings you are using for your DVD burner software. I use Toast for the Mac and have lots of control over aspect ratios, sizes, video formats, etc. If you set your DVD software to burn at NTSC, your movie should be 720 x 480. This is going to cause your 800 x 600 movie to skew and look like crap. Especially the text. Besides Adobe doesn't anti-alias their fonts like they do in every other freaking program (Thanks AGAIN Adobe however fonts do look crisp on my Mac, i.e., close captions)


                      Even better I think if you can record at 1280 x 720 which is 16:9 NTSC HD format you may get better results.


                      Also what are the settings for your DVD burner software, Nero or whatever.